“Standard Mix” is the latest line of jackets and trousers from Sauer. These models extend the range of the existing “Standard” program. In terms of the materials used and their workmanship, the “Mix” models are a step up from the “Standard” jackets and trousers. All products in Sauer’s “Standard” range are available in set color combinations only and in standard clothing sizes. This is the only way to keep these items as affordable as possible. The “Standard Mix” shooting jacket consists of a coordinated material mix of linen (double-strength canvas), leather, high-quality Top Grip patches and – brand new – breathable linen, a synthetic material, at the front sleeve. The backs of the sleeves are made from linen. Both elbows and the butt pad are fitted with patches crafted from the high-quality non-slip material, Top Grip. For greater suppleness in the shooting position, an insert in stretch fabric is sewn into the underside of the sleeve at the armpit. The shoulder strap designed to prevent the material from bunching when taking aim and the shooting sling holder are made from sturdy synthetic material.

Mix shooting jacket
Outer Material: 50% Cowhide leather, 50% cotton
as shown, black, green, grey, beige
Standard clothing sizes. Women’s 36-46, Men’s 44-60, 90-102 and 24-29. Cannot be made to measure. Alterations can only be made at extra cost. We reserve the right to amend colors and designs.



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