Sauer is now launching the Performance Vest, the new material innovation: SA-Tec. It is completely made in Germany, is extremely strong and dimensionally stable. It offers the shooter a long-lasting individual fit and thus the prospect of practicing his sport at a constant level. The PERFORMANCE Benchrest Vest provides the shooter with an exceptional support function. This support vest is provided with a half sleeve on the trigger arm with stretchable fabric on the back. The area of the rifle stop is generously covered with suede up to the edge of the neck. Both armholes are worked strongly towards the front in order to avoid disturbing material appreciations at the stop. The Vest is equipped with screw buttons for individual width adjustment. The SA-Tec material is vegan and absolutely odorless. Light soiling can be easily washed off.

Shooting Vest Performance
Outer shell: 80% SA-Tec (Polyester), 5% cotton, 15% cowhide Lining: 85.2% Sa-Tec (polyester), 14.8% cotton
Polyester white, leather, linen and stretch fabric optionally from the color palette
Standard clothing sizes. Women’s 36-46, men‘s 46-60 and 88-102. Made to measure at extra cost.



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