The Comfort Canvas model shooting trousers are made of durable canvas. There is an oval cut-out with a stretch fabric insert to the left of the crotch (or to the right of the crotch for left-handed shooters). This prevents unpleasant pressure on the shooter’s groin and abdomen when shooting from the kneeling position. The knee patches are made of high-quality Top Grip material and in an offset arrangement so that the ideal position is provided for this when firing from the kneeling position. 
Other special features include the elastic stretch fabric insert on the inside of the left thigh (or the right thigh for left-handed shooters) and the extended opening. These enable the wearer to spread his or her legs better and bend at the knee more comfortably when shooting from the kneeling position. The trousers are also easier to put on. The diagonal Velcro front closure and the hook-and-eye fastener with 5 eyes on the waistband give the shooting trousers extremely variable width adjustment. The Comfort model features a two-way zip fastener on the back of each trouser leg. These zip fasteners are slightly diagonal to prevent unpleasant pressure when firing from the kneeling position. At the same time, opening the zipper prevents bunching in the back of the knees.

Material: 100% canvas, patches 100% caoutchouc (Top Grip)
Choice from the color chart
Standard clothing sizes. Women's 36-46, men's 46-60 and 88-102. Made to measure at extra cost.



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