The "Advantage Prone" jacket is ideal for prone shooting. Both sleeves are set turned markedly towards the back and kept narrow to prevent disruptive creasing, especially in the support arm area. This model corresponds in its material composition to the Advantage Leather/Canvas model. More material in the shoulder and front sleeve area has been taken in to reduce creasing. The neckline and back yoke are cut lower to avoid pressure from the material. One front panel is made of suede: the left one for right-handed shooters, and the right one for left-handed shooters. The elbow reinforcements of leather or thicker stretch material prevent sideways slipping. The sturdy insert below the back
yoke prevents the jacket from pulling when taking aim.

Advantage Prone
Inner lining: 100% cotton, outer material: 50% leather, 50% cotton, arm patches: Top-Grip (100% caoutchouc)
Choice of leather and canvas from the color chart
Standard clothing sizes. Women’s 36-46, men’s 46-60 and 88-102. Made to measure at extra cost.



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