Sauer’s proven and popular "Advantage" shooting jacket is available under the name "Advantage Extra" as a top-of-the-range version in a highly effective combination of materials. With this jacket model, an especially sturdy cotton-backed caoutchouc material that keeps its shape exceptionally well is used for the front and back. It gives the shooter excellent support in every firing position, while providing the necessary freedom of movement. The blue caoutchouc surface is easy to care for and retains its beneficial properties for years. The support arm side is made of suede to prevent slipping.
Anyone who tries it will be impressed.

Advantage EXTRA (DBGM202006009552.7)
68.7% cotton, 15.1% caoutchouc, 10% cowhide, 0,2% polyester; arm patches Top Grip
Choice of leather and canvas from the color chart; rubber in blue (smooth surface) or, our recommendation for the back, beige fabric
Standard clothing sizes. Women’s 36-46, men‘s 46-60 and 88-102. Made to measure at extra cost.



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