After the successful introduction of the new ADVANTAGE PERFORMANCE Shooting Jacket, Sauer is now adding a special jacket for prone shooting with the PERFORMANCE PRONE.

The cut of the new shooting sports jacket differs from the basic model for the standing and three-position, first of all by a stronger rotation of the sleeve on the support arm. The sleeve of the support arm is made of leather on the front, while the back is made of sturdy double canvas. The front area on the torso side of the support arm is made entirely of suede and lined with sturdy linen. As a result, the shooter achieves an optimal grip on any surface. A strong material is incorporated as a shoulder solution on the back side of the support arm of this prone jacket. This distortion-resistant but thin material is also located in the shoulder blade area of ​​the back between the leather neck and the SA-Tech in the torso area and thus acts like a retaining strap for the shooter's optimal prone position.

The shooting sling holder is located on top of the compensating bow, which is located between the shoulder area and the sleeve, so that the shooting sling can also be positioned high. The back yoke is cut lower and prevents annoying accumulation of material in the neck area.

The ADVANTAGE PERFORMANCE PRONE is the perfect Shooting Jacket for the prone position with its cut and an optimal material mix of innovative SA-Tech, PU, ​​cowhide, non-warping linen and stretch materials. Made in Germany.


New feeling through the innovative SA-Tec material

Advantage PERFORMANCE Prone
Outer shell: 65% SA-Tec (Polyester), 5% cotton, 30% cowhide Lining: 85.2% Sa-Tec (polyester), 14.8% cotton
Polyester white, leather, linen and stretch fabric optionally from the color palette
Standard clothing sizes. Women’s 36-46, men‘s 46-60 and 88-102. Made to measure at extra cost.



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