The new PERFECT X from Sauer

The new shooting shoe PERFECT X is the further development of the proven Perfect Top shooting shoe. Thanks to an improved stability construction in the shaft area, the X is now even more solid in its character traits. All the positive characteristics of its predecessor have been retained, such as the tongue solution integrated on one side and firmly connected to the shoe. In combination with its lavish padding, it ensures an extremely firm footing in the shoe. Like all Perfect models, the PERFECT X also has an inwardly curved PTU sole in favor of an optimal contact surface and thus ensures the best stability. The surrounding rubber trim acts as a stabilizer and prevents the shoe from expanding. The integrated footbed with a replaceable comfort insole ensures a pleasant standing feeling. The partly differentiated eyelet construction allows an optimal closing by means of cross lacing, so that the selected degree of closure does not change during shooting or when changing position. Many different colors for heel Velcro and shoelaces are available. So every shooter can adapt the shoes to the rest of his outfit. For the PERFECT X shooting shoes, the Velcro heel straps are now also reinforced and offer a firmer grip in every position. Of course, the PERFECT X meets the current requirements of the ISSF in all areas.

Item No.
100% Microfibre
52% Polyamid, 48% Polyester
Thermoplastic polyurethane
Black/natural white
35 – 48
Replacement sets
red, orange, yellow, lime green, green, silver, pink, carnation, light blue, blue, black, white, turquoise



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